How we get the best from your staff

Brain-friendly Learning

Using innovative brain-friendly learning techniques to ensure your staff are positive about training.

We Listen to Your Needs

And offer tailored courses, even our off-the-shelf courses are customised to focus on your business needs.

Blended Learning Solutions

Offering blended learning solutions help you accommodate training into your staff's busy schedules.

After Training Support

Staying in touch, helping your staff put into practice what they've learnt and evaluating the training impact.

What our clients Say

A 60 second investment changed an outcome and a direction. I needed to talk to a member of staff who was hiding behind 'I'm too old to change'. I planned my script, rehearsed and put it into context. The very difference of the approach had a long lasting effect. The effect has increased my confidence regarding challenging feedback and having difficult conversations promptly.

Alison Scott


The Dealing with Difficult People course was very enjoyable, useful and fun day. The trainer was involving and friendly. Thank you!

Suzi Proffit

Age UK East Sussex

Excellent training session. I've been to a fair few over the years but this Dealing with Difficult People course was by far the best.

Morag McInnes

Carer Support Worker, Care for the Carers