Innovative management training

Big challenges combined with financial restrictions required creative training solutions.  Which is how we approached the situation when the people of Headway Hurstwood Park were battling to improve performance whilst facing funding cuts.

We started by working closely with the senior management team to mind map a leadership competency framework. (We wanted more than a boring list of traits, so we decided that we’d make it literally a ‘mind-map’; so played around with our colouring pens until their competencies fell into the five different regions of the brain – perfect for a head injury charity eh?).

Feeling quite pleased with ourselves about the model, we chatted with each manager and surveyed the staff to build a picture of their strengths and weaknesses compared to the competencies they identified.  Turned out they only really needed 4 days of training in a tailor-made management training program to fit not only their budget, but their unique needs too. The program tackled change management, dealing with conflict and coaching skills training.

But since we’re all about training making a real difference, we couldn’t leave it there.  We built in a bit of live theatre so they had chance to play around their new skills and a facilitated some action learning to make sure that our training was not only effectively delivered but deeply absorbed!

We even encouraged the finance officer to be open an honest with staff sharing more information about the financial situation in a way that which inspired them to be a part of the change. This marked a first for the charity – and we’re certain it won’t be the last!

The finishing touches involved planning and administering regular annual staff surveys, in an effort to monitor the effects of the training. We are proud to announce that two years on the action learning sets are still going and this programme was nominated for a national training award – go team!