“Refreshing” performance management training

This particular Council were on the hunt for a someone who could provide creative and innovative training to support a key organisational initiative – making vast improvements to their performance management and appraisal systems. They realised, of course, that there was nobody better equipped to make the changes they sought than us!

We didn’t waste a second and got right down to designing two separate one-day courses and a suite of 90 minute masterclasses covering the fundamentals of performance management, shaping conversations to tackle underperformance, as well as managing agile teams, behavioural performance, setting C-SMARTER objectives.

Staff have tight and busy schedules, so our style of “straight to the sharp end” (in the best way possible) training fitted the bill; zapping them with the inspiration and training they needed to flourish and blossom!

Working more as a partnership with the Councils in-house L&D team, we tapped into our creative sides to make this training stand out from other programmes the Council was offering.

We branded it ‘Refreshingly different training’’ and launched the courses by sending jars of refreshers sweets to all the Council offices.  We even wrote an online quiz that compared each of their individual management styles to funky retro sweets (just to get people talking about the courses).  And it worked – five months into the programme and we still had waiting lists for some of the courses.

To make sure what we did made a difference, we provided coaching skills training, to equip senior managers coaching to other managers in performance management and left the Council’s team with a series of online resources (audio files, quizzes, downloadable templates and videos – including one without takes!), to further heighten the learning experience.