About McCrudden Training

“Welcome to McCrudden Training. If you’re looking for a Sussex-based training company with credibility, innovation and a proven track record, then you’re in the right place!  

This website and our training is for people who take the development of their workplace skills and knowledge seriously, but don’t want their training to be ‘serious’.  My training philosophy is that ‘laughter lubricates learning’, and as a company we specialise in innovative brain-friendly training – training you the way your brain WANTS to learn. I  believe that great training comes not just from subject matter experts, but experts with current industry experience and a talent for teaching with a playful creativity and passion.  

That’s the approach I’ve taken to building my training team, and the reason we’ve had such great results with our clients!”    – Nicky McCrudden, Managing Director


McCrudden Training was born in 2010 and just like Harry Potter, our MD Nicky McCrudden started out in the cupboard under the stairs (but we’ve let her out now, she’s even got her own office).

Nicky had a passion for learning. In fact she did her best to not leave full-time education but eventually the real world caught up with her and she had to get a job. Having experienced both great teaching, and well, not so great teaching, Nicky felt strongly that everyone should have access to great training that’s also great fun.  And that became her mission.

Along the way she’s attracted like minded souls to join her (either that or she’s used wizarding powers to put a ‘brain-friendly’ hex on them).  Today, our training team has over 200 years training experience and recent frontline experience across all sectors (statutory, voluntary and private). Guided by our values, we bring training expertise, wealth of knowledge and the occasional magic trick to every training course we deliver.

We now have well over 30 ‘ready to tailor’ courses in compliance topics like First Aid and Health & Safety, Leadership and Management training courses and a whole raft of personal development topics like Dealing with Difficult People, Influencing and Negotiating and Coaching Skills.  (And that’s without mentioning all the bespoke training we devise for specific clients).  Basically, we’re obsessed with making great training, great fun.  If you want your staff to play too – get in touch.

You can also find us and connect with Nicky on: