Our values

McCrudden Training is proud to stand out from other training companies. Our values underpin everything we do.  Values had to be more than just words to McCrudden Training – they had to be something that we live by every day.  In creating our guiding values, we spoke to not only our staff but our clients too.  This is the result:

We look at training differently

From the day McCrudden Training was founded, we’ve taken a different approach to training. We believe that laughter lubricates learning, and that by creating curiosity in our learners we aid learning retention. We bring innovation to every training course. From experiential learning through fun challenges, online quizzes to engage learners and blended learning solutions that suit all types of learner – variety and meaningful enjoyment are at the heart of everything we develop and deliver.

We are masters of our industry

We believe subject matter experts with contemporary industry experience make the best trainers. Every member of our team is committed to continuing development, both in their own field of expertise and in the techniques of brain-friendly training.  Our expert knowledge provides the highest quality training and service and underpins the integrity that is built into everything we do.

Our enthusiasm stimulates and inspires

Fun didn’t seem like the right word. Although our training is fun, it’s not frivolous.  Our fun is purposeful.  We only work with trainers who radiate a passion for their subjects because we know that excitement is intoxicating to learners – and yes that includes Health & Safety!  Through our enthusiasm for learning and our subjects we ensure that our learners leave us excited about applying their learning.

We make a difference

We believe that learning that brings about no change is as effective as a parachute that opens on the first bounce; but the changes we bring about must serve the business needs of our clients.  We don’t provide training unless we truly believe it meets a genuine need for our clients.  We are dedicated to empowering and supporting learners to apply their learning and helping our clients evaluate the impact of the training provided.