McCrudden Inspires launches

McCrudden Training is an organisation passionate about all forms of learning.  We believe you can learn in lots of ways – including hearing the stories and thoughts of life’s inspirational people.  Hence, we’re launching McCrudden Inspires, a public speakers company that specialises in people who can not only entertain you, but leaving feeling, well – inspired!

Captain Tony Harris is one of those people.  After losing his left leg during active duty in Afghanistan in 2009, Tony decided a great way to fight back was to do the worlds toughest rally (as you would).  He put together a team of injured service personnel (mostly amputees), convinced large corporate giants to back them and took four vehicles to South America.  (That confused me too – whilst my geography is as good as my spelling, even I know neither Paris nor Dakar are in South America, but trust me he went to the right race).  Did he do it?  Of course he did!

And to celebrate the launch of McCrudden Inspires, Tony (one of our headline speakers) is coming to Eastbourne to give a FREE talk on his unique (and very personal) insight into the importance of effective leadership.

And you get a sneak preview Eastbourne’s hottest new training and conference center!

  • When? Thursday 15 Nov 2013, 11.00am 
  • Where? Eastbourne House, Gildredge Rd, Eastbourne
  • How much?  It’s free remember!

Click here to be taken to the online booking site.