Meet the Buyer 2013 – Event Review

Wow. You work on an event for months and months, and suddenly it’s upon you. And then, just as suddenly, it’s over. On the 14th of February we held our 2013 ‘Meet the Buyer’ event at the Cavendish Hotel in Eastbourne. It was a day of exciting business connections, non-stop mingling and extended bouts of heart-stopping panic.

Only joking (mostly), actually it was great fun and everyone attending was lovely. We want to thank our buyers who listened to a truly heroic amount of pitches and introductions, and all of our suppliers, who were all professional, committed and patient.

We’ve had a lot of great feedback about the event, which is brilliant because we know, as with any first-time event, there were a couple of teething problems. We’re glad that we were still able to provide a useful and fun day to everyone who booked with us.  We’re incredibly grateful for everybody’s support and feedback, and we’ll take on all the comments we’ve received when it comes to the next McCrudden Training event.

“I really enjoyed the event. Great venue, well managed and to the point.”    

Terry Bower, Caliber Coms

Robert Tyson and Paul Yates-Smith from the Sussex Business Bureau both need to be thanked for their wonderful contributions. Robert was as eloquent and knowledgeable as ever on the subject of online marketing and exposure, and Paul provided a small example of why his Speed Networking events are such a big hit in Brighton. You can find out more about Robert’s work on the Tyson Report, where you will find a sample of the tutorials from his membership section.

“Thanks for hosting an excellent event at the Canvendish hotel. We really enjoyed ourselves and met some interesting new connectons. Looking forward to supplying services to some of the buyers we met!”

Kevin Barnard, Director for Reid-Briggs Insurance