Action Learning Sets


Action learning is a highly effective way to build learning into your organisation.  They are a simple and powerful way for staff to tackle real-life issues by getting support and advice from colleagues.

What is action learning?

Typically action learning sets are made up of 5-6 people who agree to meet regularly (usually monthly) for around six meetings.

At each meeting, each member introduces a problem that they are facing in their role and their peers then help them to deepen their understanding of the issue, gain insight and different perspectives by asking challenging and probing questions.

The important feature of Action Learning (ALS) is they should not be allowed to turn into a whinge fest.  Set members bring real problems and are supported by their colleagues to develop an action plan.  They are encouraged to report back at the next meeting to say how the issue has progressed.

To be effective and deliver a return on investment, action learning sets require careful, and expert facilitation.

Who can benefit from ALS?

Action learning is the ultimate in pragmatic learning.  It works with real challenges.  With that in mind it works best for staff facing complex challenges, rather than challenges with one, single, technical solution.

ALS provide protected problem solving and action planning space and work equally well when delivered internally in large organisations, or as an independent group with members drawn from different organisations.

Expert ALS Facilitation

Our professional facilitators have facilitated action learning for many organisations across Sussex, Surrey, Kent, London and the South East, both as part of wider leadership and management training programmes, and as stand alone learning sets.  Many of the sets we helped to establish continued to meet long after our involvement.

Contact us to find out how we could help establish action learning and facilitate action learning for your company.  Or see our guides and facilitation skills training to set up in-house action learning sets.