Management Training – The Conservatory


The quality of management skills make an important contribution to the success of any organisation.  Some say that developing the leadership skills of your managers is THE highest impact step a business can take.

The Management Conservatory is McCrudden Training’s 3 year rolling programme for talented business leaders, including quarterly expert-led training days, punctuated by e-learning and self-paced study.

How does it work?

Our management development programme works on a rolling 3 year basis.  Each year is comprised of a minimum of 4 training days, self directed study and coaching.  Sign up for year 1 and the end of the year graduates are given the chance to progress into the following year.

Those wishing to join the programme at year 2 or 3, must pass an assessment to demonstrate they have the pre-requisite knowledge.

What does the management development programme cover?

Year 1: Building personal confidence and capacity.  The first year focuses on the managers personal and inter-personal skills (in relation to co-workers and customers).

Year 2: Organisational effectiveness. The second year builds on year 1 and focuses on using inter-personal competenices for  organisational development, including networking, presenting and pitching as well as problem solving.

Year 3: Strategic and business planning:  The final year takes a more strategic level approach, exploring core concepts such as management metrics, strategic thinking and organisational development and change.

How often is the programme run?

The programme runs with one cohort each year from our training centre in Uckfield.  each years in take starts in October and places are strictly limited, so early application is recommended.

To discuss access to this exclusive programme complete a contact form, or call us on 01323 886138.