Excellence in Reception


Why healthcare receptionists?

Receptionists working in healthcare settings are not only the first point of contact for patients, but they have a tough, tough job.  Their ‘customers’ are frequently worried and unwell, but the receptionist is not only support to help the patient, they are to act as gatekeeper for the healthcare staff.

Dr Jenna Ward published an article in Social Sciences and Medicine on the unspoken and emotionally demanding job that primary care receptionists do.  Referenced in the Daily Mail, the article describes how receptionist were dealing with around 70 patients per day, typically with queues of patients in various (and sometimes extreme) emotional states and the phone ringing.  The study describes them as ‘the stitching that holds a surgery together’.  The same is likely to be true for receptionists in dental practices and acute settings.  Yet, they are often the last members of staff to be considered for CPD.

What is Excellence in Reception?

Excellence in Reception is a tried and tested modular receptionist training programme recommended by 100% of Practice Managers surveyed after training.

The programme, hosted by CCGs offers receptionists the flexibility to tailor their training to meet their own needs.   A programme of 6 modules, receptionists can  attend any of the modules that would help them.  Attend just one, or all the sessions, but complete 4 modules and a reflective assessment to achieve the standard of Excellence in Reception.

What are the modules?

The receptionist training programme has been designed to not only meet ‘must do’ standards like information governance, but to help enhance the role.  Modules in influencing develop receptionist to have conversations with long-term conditions patients and encourage them to participate in regular health check appointments.

The standard programme includes 6, 3 hour modules in:

  • Fundamental communication skills
  • Effective telephone skills
  • Dealing with difficult behaviour
  • Influencing others
  • The receptionist role in continuous improvement
  • Data protection / information governance

Want more information?

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