Team Building


We’ve yet to meet an organisation where people don’t benefit from improved ways of working together.  That isn’t to say that every group of people is, or needs to function as a team.  Some teams are cooperative groups. (To find out more read our article).  Whichever you’re in – finding better ways to work together is usually key.

Team building events: our philosophy

We love fun.  And we love going out and doing things as a team.  But that’s not necessarily what we’d call team building. Sure, when you go out socially with your colleagues (whether that’s the Christmas meal or a more adventure-based day out of the office), you’ll get to know each other better.  And that can help teams at an early stage of development.  But these days along rarely translates back to improvement productivity or better team working.

Our approach to corporate team building events is a little different.  We start by running a diagnostic with your teams to understand where they are, what they’ve been through and in what ways the could improve their working.  THEN, and only then, when we have an understanding of where you are now – will we make some suggestions of how to tackle it.

We have a range of exercises and activities. Depending on your budget and the interests of your teams – we can organise a series of puzzles and challenges to be solved, a collaborative apprentice-style day (but no one gets fired), take you off to do something more active, or if you have a team of amateur sleuths – our Murder at Work programme.

The key difference is we’ll be sending along one of our team of experts to observe and facilitate learning afterwards.  So that your investment brings positive changes ‘back at the ranch‘.

Other types of team building day

Sometimes you’re not looking for a traditional ‘let’s build a raft’ type team building day. Many of our clients are looking for someone to facilitate a team strategy day to help develop business plans and action plans.  That’s right up our street!  We can provide an experienced business executive who can facilitate strategic planning away days.

Alternatively, you might just want to know who’s in our team and are you using everyone’s skills effectively?  We offer a range of psychometric assessments that might help.  From Myers-Briggs (MBTI) to Belbin Team Role Analysis.

Some of our clients are actually looking for someone to teach their managers how to build teams – after all, team building shouldn’t just be a one-day done and forget it affair.  Building your team is something that happens every day.  So if you’re looking to develop your manager’s ability to build team cohesive and lead successful teams, then our introduction to team building training is perfect for you.