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Manual handling injuries cause nearly a quarter of all reported workplace injuries, and back injuries are one of the leading causes of staff absence in the UK.  Teaching safe handling techniques could not only prevent many of these injuries but ensures employers are fulfilling a legal duty to protect staff.

Manual handling is regularly undertaken by many workers including warehouse staff, those in the health care sector, sales reps, delivery and removal workers, undertakers, cleaners, office staff and IT professionals. Manual handling training courses are a cost effective way to keep safe handling techniques fresh in the minds of your staff.

To protect your business from the risk of injuries and potential litigation, manual handling training should be completed at least every 3 years.  We provide both manual handling of objects (non-clinical) and manual handling of people (clinical manual handling) courses across East Sussex, West Sussex, Kent and Surrey.


Where is the Course?

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What’s covered?

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How long is it?

The maximum duration of this course is 3 hours.

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Manual Handling Training Course Information

Who is this course for?

Benefits of attending

Our manual handling training courses help employers and employees to fulfil their obligation to ensure safe handling techniques. Attending the course will help you to avoid dangerous handling practices, improve safe manual handling and minimise the risk of workplace handling injuries occurring. Training covers:

  • legislation around manual handling
  • how the spine works and what are appropriate loads
  • posture when moving and handling
  • controversial manual handling techniques
  • handling equipment.

Included in the price

  • tailoring the course to reflect your workplace risks
  • comprehensive, full colour workshop manual
  • attendance certificates
  • 3 months unlimited email support post course
  • free safe handling poster
  • regular health & safety updates