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Effective Delegation


American President Woodrow Wilson famously said I not only use all the brains that I have, but all I can borrow.  We think he had a point.  Great leaders know that they don’t have to do everything themselves; they delegate and make use of the talents of other people in their teams.

Successful delegation motivates staff, develops individuals, uses time and resources effectively, can bring a creative approach to tasks and ultimately enhances staff retention.

But it’s quicker if I do it myself.  If you want a job doing properly, do it yourself.  We’ve all heard comments like this.  And we’ve heard some horror stories of managers trying to delegate, but getting it wrong and leaving staff frustrated, demotivated and down right annoyed.  We think that both these situations come from the same problem – no one shows managers how to delegate effectively.  We tend to just expect them to know, and the chances are they may have picked up bad habits from their bosses.

If that sounds familiar, why not talk to us about how our delegation skills course could help!


Where is the Course?

We’ll come to you or help you find a suitable venue.

What’s covered?

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Every client has unique needs.

To find out how this course can be quickly customised to fit your needs, timescale and budget please contact us.

How long is it?

The maximum duration of this course is 3 hours.

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Effective Delegation Information

Who is this course for?

Our 3 hour delegation workshop is aimed at people who are looking for a structured approach to improve their success in delegating tasks to others.

It’s ideal for supervisors, team leaders and managers, in particular those who have never received training in delegation, or who have struggled to ‘let go’ in the past.

Don’t think you have any staff capable of receiving delegation?  Combine this workshop with our coaching skills training so you can develop others to help you delegate.

Benefits of attending

In this fast-paced, 3 hour workshop in delegating effectively you’ll learn about:

  • the benefits of effective delegation (as opposed to abdication);
  • factors that help and hinder good delegation;
  • planning extended and contracted delegation and levels of delegated authority;
  • the ‘7 rights’ of effective delegation; and
  • managing common staff reactions to delegation.

You’ll leave this session with a clearer understanding of how to make delegation work for you, and the basis of an action plan to start delegating more.

Included in the price

  • basic tailoring of the course to reflect the needs of your organisation;
  • full colour delegation skills course manual;
  • attendance certificate;
  • 3 months unlimited email support;
  • deciding to delegate template
  • access to materials to help implement change for 12 months post-course; and
  • support to evaluate the impact of training (optional).


Want to mix and match this course with another topic? No problemo – give us a call and we’ll help you design the perfect solution for your team.