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The effective management of projects is an essential skill in many workplaces.  Correct control of the stages of a project helps to increase the chances of projects being successful.

When a project is managed correctly, it ensures there is a sound business reason for undertaking it, that it’s clear who is involved in, and affected by the project, what the expected outcomes are as well as, what resources and risks need to be managed.

There are many tools and approaches to managing project, from a simple ‘to do’ list to complex methodologies.  This course covers some of the common approaches to leading on projects to make sure the time and money you put into projects delivers a return on investment.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for an in-person training course, our Introduction to Project Management course may meet your needs.



£42 including VAT.

How long is it?

The maximum duration of this course is approximately 90 minutes.

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Project management online course Information

Who is this course for?

Our project management online course is ideal for those new to project management or who have had no formal training in managing projects.

It is also suitable for those aspiring to roles that include project management or people working in project support roles who would benefit from an understanding of the basic principles of project management.

Course Content

  • Terminology and project lifecycle
  • Business case (identifying needs, project aims and objectives)
  • Project Initiation Documents (PIDs)
  • Gantt charts, budgeting, risks and issues
  • Monitoring and change requests
  • Managing stakeholders