communication skills training

Communication skills training


Effective communication involves sending, receiving and understanding of messages – whether that’s between colleagues, customers, funders, stakeholders or members of the public.  Whether in writing, over the phone or in person, there are many things that can lead to miscommunication and the resulting misunderstanding can have serious consequences for businesses.

Whether you’re looking to improve communications with customers, reduce silo working, improve relations between staff groups or just want staff to be more confident in their communications – our fast-paced, fun and interactive communication skills training course will help.

This one-day course looks at the dynamics of how communication works when it goes well, as well as what can happen when it goes wrong.  It includes a range of fun challenges to experience the impact of different communication styles, learn about rapport (building it and breaking it) and of course how to really listen!

This course works extremely well when delivered in partnership with our workshops on negotiation and influencing and dealing with difficult people.


Where is the Course?

We’ll come to you or help you find a suitable venue.

What’s covered?

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Every client has unique needs.

To find out how this course can be quickly customised to fit your needs, timescale and budget please contact us.

How long is it?

The maximum duration of this course is 6 hours.

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Communication skills training Information

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for any staff member for whom success hinges on their ability to communicate effectively.  It is particularly helpful for new managers, team leaders, staff dealing with the public (both face-to-face and over the telephone), and those who lack confidence in their ability to communicate effectively.

This workshop can be used in conjunction to help staff who need to learn to negotiate or how do deal with difficult behaviour. If you’re looking for a more customised version of this course, give us a call and tell exactly what you’re hoping to achieve.

Benefits of attending

Essential communication skills course covers:

  • overcoming barriers to effective communication;
  • how to build rapport (in person and over the phone);
  • improving listening skills;
  • communicate ideas effectively;
  • making and refusing requests.

Why not combine this workshop with our influencing and negotiating workshop for an all-round communication skills blitz for your organisation.

Included in the price

  • basic tailoring of the course to reflect the needs of your organisation
  • full colour communication skills course manual
  • attendance certificate
  • 3 months unlimited email support
  • access to online support to help implement ideas for 12 months post-course
  • support to evaluate the impact (optional)

Not quite sure?  Give us a call or drop us an email, let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to help.