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Dealing with difficult people training


Wouldn’t it be great if everyone we came into contact with at work was like us? Sadly, they’re not.

Whether your a manager dealing with staff, colleagues in a team or front line staff dealing with the public, most staff will be faced with difficult behaviour at work at some point.  When they do they may find themselves wondering – how do I deal with difficult people professionally?

Our one-day dealing with difficult people training course is something of a misnomer, because we don’t believe there are actually ‘difficult people’.  There are just people that we find difficult to work with – and the nature of human diversity means, that’s true of pretty much every workplace.  The thing is if we can find a way to understand the other person and manage their behaviour without judging them, we can end up with happier customers, happier staff and fewer instances of ‘dealing with difficult people.

On this course be we’ll share some general and specific strategies that can be implemented straight away to help deal with ‘difficult people’ in your workplace in a positive way.


Where is the Course?

We’ll come to you or help you find a suitable venue.

What’s covered?

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Every client has unique needs.

To find out how this course can be quickly customised to fit your needs, timescale and budget please contact us.

How long is it?

The maximum duration of this course is 6 hours.

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Dealing with difficult people training Information

Who is this course for?

Our dealing with difficult people training is suitable for anyone who works with others and wants to increase their confidence and skills in dealing with difficult behaviour.

This course is particularly useful for those working in customer facing roles, new managers and those who deal with strong characters.  But it’s also been helpful for those who deal with difficult people on a regular basis and what to get some context for managing behaviour, or rarely deal with difficult relationships but want to be prepared.

There are no pre-requisites for attending this course, but it is also a suitable refresher for those with some experience or previous training in dealing with difficult people.

Not sure if it’s right for you? Tell us about the challenges your team is facing and we’ll help you decide the best way forwards.

Benefits of attending

The dealing with difficult people workshop will introduce you to:

  • the reasons people might behave in a difficult way;
  • the mindset for dealing with difficult people;
  • techniques to depersonalise difficult behaviour (distinguish between the behaviour, the person and the intent);
  • general strategies for handling difficult people; and
  • specific strategies for classic difficult people characters.

To get the maximum benefit from this course, why not combine it with our one-day communication skills workshop.

Included in the price

  • basic tailoring of the course to reflect the needs of your organisation
  • full colour dealing with difficult people course manual
  • attendance certificate
  • 3 months unlimited email and online support to help implement ideas
  • support to evaluate the impact (optional)