Resilience, stress managment and emotional intelligence training

Introduction to emotional intelligence (EQ) training


It is neither possible, nor desirable to separate your emotions from your working life.  Our emotions have a role to play in pretty much every decision we make, including those we make at work.

Picture scene, a manager is talking to a member of their team who is very upset about being verbally abused by a customer. The managers reaction has about as much emotion as a oak table (or any inanimate object come to that).  The staff member is likely to feel unsupported and certainly not understood.  Conversely, imagine the same situation but this time the manager flies off the handle and is ready to confront the customer and give them a piece of their mind.  Neither situation is likely to deliver the best outcome for the organisation. Cue emotional intelligence training.

The key to success when we bring our emotions to work, is to understand and manage them, and of course, the emotions of others.  Fortunately, unlike traditional intelligence, emotional intelligence can be developed and the starting point is Daniel Goleman’s EQ model.


Where is the Course?

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What’s covered?

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How long is it?

The maximum duration of this course is 3 hours.

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Introduction to emotional intelligence (EQ) training Information

Who is this course for?

Our half day introduction to emotional intelligence is suitable for any and all staff who will benefit from learning how to manage their emotions and how to respond appropriately to others.

It is particularly useful for those in customer facing roles, especially those handling complaints.

It is also an essential skill for successful managers, team leaders, supervisors and executives.

Benefits of attending

Our lively, 3 hour introductory emotional intelligence training course covers:

  • the 2 aspects and 4 dimensions of emotional intelligence;
  • the core human emotions;
  • spotting and managing emotions in yourself;
  • the role of negative self-talk;
  • recognising the way others communicate their emotions;

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Included in the price

  • basic tailoring of the course to reflect the needs of your organisation;
  • full colour emotional intelligence training course manual;
  • attendance certificate;
  • self-assessment tools;
  • 3 months unlimited email and online support to help implement ideas; and
  • support to evaluate the impact (optional).