Templates & Guides

On this page you’ll find a small sample of the templates and guides that we make available to our learners and McCrudden Alumni.

Planning your training

McCrudden Training Training Needs Analysis template

Management & Leadership: templates and guides

Tell me more about leadership (guide): 19 famous quotes that help to answer commonly asked questions about leadership.  See our leadership and management training courses to learn more, or review our success stories to see how bespoke leadership training could help your organisation.

Force Field Analysis (Template): Some decisions are easy to make, so less so.  A force field analysis provides a structured way of making decisions by comparing forces that support and oppose a change decision.  Helping to make decisions by weighing up the pros and cons.  Our problem solving and decision making training course will help you to learn more.

How Strong is Your Team? (Guide): Most organisations rely on some form of team work.  But team work takes work.  Team building days and events can help, but the effectiveness of these depends on selecting the types of activities most appropriate to your team’s current status.  Our guide to measuring the strength of your team is a good start, but to find out more why not review our team building work or get in touch for an no-obligation chat!

Leading Behaviour Change (Guide): One of the toughest jobs a manager has is to lead and support behaviour change in their staff. This short slide share guide discusses 5 possible strategies that can help managers lead change. Learn more on our implementing organisational change training course.

What Could I Delegate? (Template): Delegation is a key management skill, but not always the easiest management action to get right.  Our free delegation planning tool, based on our ‘7 rights of delegation’ will help to set your thinking on the right path!


Personal Development: templates and guides

Skills Audit (Template): Whether your considering a career change, or in need of outplacement services, our skills audit will help you identify transferable skills and the types of roles that might interest you.

Presentation Planner (Template): Whether formal or informal, our step-by-step guide to planning a presentation will help you to identify the key things to include and structure an audience-centred presentation. To get more help, try our presentation skills training course.

Making a Great First Impression (Guide): Got an interview? Making a presentation? Starting to networking? This guide provides some

Compliance topics: templates and guides

First Aid

First Aid (Resus) Poster (Guide): Download and print our resus poster and display around your workplaces. Taking you step-by-step through the Resus Council UK’s 2015 guidelines this free to download poster is a must for all workplaces. To ensure your staff are fully trained, book a First Aid at Work course or take a look at our open course dates.

What Should Be In A First Aid Kit (Guide)? The gold standard for workplace First Aid Kit is the British Standard: BS 8599-1.  Check yours against our list with this free download.

First Aid Needs Assessment (Guide): Not sure how many first aiders you need, or at what level you want to train staff to.  Based on guidance from the HSE, download our free First Aid training needs assessment guide.


Complete a risk assessment for your workplace