First line management training

We’re sure you can imagine just how many staff members are employed at East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust. If you didn’t know, it’s about 7000. Yep, it’s a lot of people! Anyway, The Trust were on the lookout for skilled trainers who understand healthcare and could give their first line managers a leadership course. 

And so we began working with the Learning and Development Manager to decide what they wanted the course to cover, and how long they wanted it to go on for. Coffee galore (of course) led us to the conclusion that a 2.5-day course would be most fitting, and should cover theories of leadership, team development, supporting individuals within teams, giving feedback and ultimately implementing the changes required to flourish. For that extra twist, we invited a senior manager to be in on the final session, to gain an understanding on the manager’s needs and desire.

It was such a hit, we’re still delivering the course today.  Every learner is partnered up with a buddy, encouraging them to reflect on what they learnt and how they can apply it. And at the end, learning is assessed through a presentation on how the training affected them professionally.

The resounding success of these courses led to us being asked to give a one-day course that was to focus on HR Conversations. Now, we’ve done this quite a lot, so as you can imagine, this was no problem for us! The success of this project was quite mammoth indeed, and we’ve even been asked to provide a number of other tailor-created projects for various teams because of it.

In 2015 we evaluated the impact of the work we’d done so far through a story-writing competition for our graduates.  Turns out not only did they leave us motivated and inspired by several of them have since been promoted.  Our partnership with the Trust has grown beyond the realms of training, and we are now proud to sponsor the Leadership Awards during the Trusts annual staff awards! Once again – go team!