Leadership Academy: back of the net

One of the managers we had the pleasure of training at Headway Hurstwood Park passed on good words about us to the folks at Freedom Leisure (a successful UK leisure trust), who quickly got in touch with us to give their Centre and Area Managers a boost of confidence. We offered a helping hand with a customized management development and leadership program.

Our partnership began over coffee and biscuits (we love biscuits), where we discussed what aspects of leadership managers needed to know now and as the business continued to grow. We developed a tailor-made management training flexible proposal that included a number of options and unique courses all with suitably ‘sporty’ titles.  Their senior management team choose the elements that gave them the best fit for their managers, and after a few more pots of coffee (and some more biscuits) the Freedom Leisure Leadership Academy was born.

We shared the outline with 14 managers selected for the management training and talked through their needs and what they were personally hoping to gain from the program. We gathered our findings and perfected the plan of action (there may have been another biscuit or two).

We dove head first into training with 6 in-depth workshops, covering leadership, emotional intelligence, change management, coaching others, giving feedback and performance management. We also included slightly more personal 1-2-1 coaching, facilitating appropriate action learning sets and ran a live project, in which two teams re-designed the organisations appraisal paperwork.  They eventually pitched their ideas to the CEO and a panel of Directors and the organisation has now adopted the paperwork they crafted.

The management training led to changes to the way managers ran meetings (delivering direct cost savings, and improving productivity), a developing coaching culture and a massive increase in engagement. (Senior Management have already received two spontaneous business cases with suggested ways to improve the organisation).

Clearly, hard work pays off, and a little encouragement goes a long way!