Changes to Health and Safety Legislation

Health and Safety – Costs rise for accidents at work.

As if it wasn’t bad enough when one of your workers has an accident at work, the Health and Safety Executive recently added a further setback to those who break health and safety rules. Since October 1st 2012, any business that comes under investigation for breaking health and safety legislation is now liable to be charged for the HSE’s costs accrued during their inspection. That means not only would you possibly face a lawsuit from the injured worker and a hefty fine, but you would also have to pay back the HSE for investigating you.

As an indication of just how costly this can be, the HSE took just over £720,000 in FFI (Fee For Intervention) costs from lax companies in just the first two months of the programme being in operation!

Needless to say, these costs could cripple a small business. More than ever it is vital to ensure that you are complying with the latest health and safety regulations – if you don’t you could be found liable for any accidents at work, and find yourself paying for the HSE’s subsequent enquiry!

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