E-Learning and On-line learning

Our brain-friendly compliance training courses are now available as online courses with our all new e-learning and online training courses.  

A number of clients have been asking about the increased flexibility of having access to online training.  We’re proud to announce that our compliance training courses such as Fire Safety, Manual Handling and Food Safety, are now available as e-learning.  

There is an ever increasing demand for legislative training in workplaces (health and safety training; manual handling; food safety and fire safety courses), and most organisations are still looking for ways to reduce the cost of ensuring their staff training is compliant with the law.  That’s where e-learning comes in.  On-line training delivers learning at the time of need.  It reduces the time needed to deliver the training and reduces the over cost of training staff by an impressive 70%!

At McCrudden Training, we don’t believe that every subject translates well to e-learning, but many do.  For example, heavily skills based subjects (such as leadership and presentation skills), benefit from having the time to practice applying practical skills, but knowledge based topics – like fire safety training – work exceptionally well as on-line courses.

  “We’re delighted to be able to offer a suite of online courses for new and existing clients” explains Nicky McCrudden.  “Across the UK, an estimated 20% of training hours are conducted via e-learning and with improving mobile technology and broadband speeds that figure is set to continue to rise.  This development for McCrudden Training means that we can extend our training reach beyond East Sussex and West Sussex, and gives clients additional options for completing training.”

To find out more about the range of e-learning courses on offer, and to access a free trial of some of our course topics click here!