Interested in becoming an Associate?

McCrudden Training is seeking to increase the number and range of self-employed Associates on our register.  As part of our business growth strategy we are seeking to identify, recruit and induct new freelance Associate trainers across London and the South East.

We are interested to meet:

  • Subject matter experts: individuals with an in-depth knowledge of a particular area (see below for our particular areas of interest)
  • People with relevant experience: recent industry experience linked to your area of expertise
  • Confident, lively people with a genuine enthusiasm for their subject: we are not necessarily seeking certified or experienced trainers.  We can teach you all we need to know about how adults learn.
  • Innovative, creative individuals with a fun personality: we believe that laughter lubricates learning, and we use many creative and playful approaches in our learning.  So our trainers need to have a great sense of humor and a playful personality.  It is important to us that our activities are delivered with authenticity.  We know that not everyone is comfortable in this approach, and that’s why we are looking for a particular personality.

We have a very specific brand, as such we are not looking for:

  • Generalist trainers (trainers who teach a wide range of subject areas to a basic to intermediate level)
  • Experienced trainers with a strong personal view on training style (except where those trainers with a commitment to Accelerated Learning principles, aka ‘Brain Friendly Training’)
  • People who would not be comfortable using games and fun activities as a mode of teaching.  We don’t want to ask people to deliver a style of training that doesn’t come naturally to them.

Why join us?

This is a fantastic opportunity for the right people, with the right industry experience, subject matter expertise and the right personality to develop their skills and experience as a trainer.  Not to mention the opportunity to join a successful and growing consultancy company as an Associate.

As part of an emerging leader in training provision, you’ll have the chance to deliver workshops to some of our existing clients, and be part of the future growth of the company.

Find out more…

To find out more about the particular area’s we are looking for (and those that we’re not), what’s involved in becoming an Associate with McCrudden Training and key dates, download our Recruitment of Freelance Associates flyer.

All applications to join our team should reach Nicky by close of play on 14 October, 2013.