Reviving First Aid Laws….

first-aid-kitThe Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is set to move forward with their biggest ever shake up of the laws surrounding first aid training, and it will have a big impact on organisations booking training.

From April, the HSE are removing their system of approving and accrediting first aid training providers.  The statutory duty for organisations to have the appropriate number of suitably qualified first aiders will remain (see our resources section for advice on determining the level of cover you need), but the onus for selecting ‘suitably qualified’ trainers will fall on the person booking the training.

The HSE have released draft guidance to help people conduct ‘due diligence’ and assess the competency of a training provider, which subject to ministerial approval will apply from October 2013.

The guidance sets out that first aid training can be obtained through a number of means, including a training provider who works with an awarding organisation as part of a regulated qualification (for example accredited by OFQUAL) or a training provider who is a member of a voluntary industry accreditation or assurance scheme.

Organisations will be able to choose to buy training from providers with no affiliations, but the HSE will expect you to conduct due diligence to establish whether the organisation is competent, including checking:

  • the qualifications / experience of trainers and assessors
  • the organisations monitoring and quality assurance systems
  • teaching standards and first-aid practice
  • the syallbus content and appropriate certification

For more information about the changes call Nicky on 0845 257 5871, or to review our first aid training (that is mapped the the HSE guidance), click here!