Workplace Wellness & Security

The phrase Health & Safety has come to be synonymous with bad news, negativity red tape and pouring cold water on fun.  But that’s really not the essence of Health & Safety and good training should make this clear.

So much ‘duff’ information is imparted about Health & Safety, leading people to do, well, daft things:

One company concerned that staff should be trained in the importance of wearing safety goggles, decided to show a graphic film of the consequences of not being protected.  Though it may have increased the use of personal protective equipment, the ‘stunt’ lead to 25 minor injuries as people tried to get away from the gory scenes.  Thirteen people fainted and 1 poor chap needed 7 stitches after falling from his chair.

Health & Safety is NOT responsible for banning the playing of conker or prohibiting the use of pins with remembrance day poppies.  A client, the Health & Safety Manager of a higher education establishment, recently described to us some of regular calls she got from colleagues asking ‘how they could use health & safety to stop someone doing something they didn’t like’. This is the sadness of health & safety – it’s really just about helping you do the things you need to do in a safe way.

What is true is that ALL organisations, regardless of sector (public, private or voluntary) and regardless of size (from 100?s of employees to sole traders) must have identified leads for Health & Safety.  And these leads, must be equipped with an appropriate level of knowledge and skills to make sure the health of everyone at work is safe.  McCrudden Training offers a one-day Health & Safety awareness course that is ideal for small organisations, micro-businesses and sole traders.  Using risk assessment you’ll be encouraged to think about the risks that might need to be managed in your workplace:

  • Chemicals in the workplace: a cleaner innocently mixed 2 brands of cleaning product in a confined space, creating chlorine gas;
  • Office workers: prolonged (and poor) use of VDUs and poor workstation design can lead to Repetitive Strain Injury’s (RSI), and many employers have been sued for work that has ’caused’ RSI
  • Lone workers: workers and volunteers can be left alone in offices, or those who go out to visit clients in their own home are vulnerable.  If they have an accident or suffer a serious illness, who will provide help? If you staff or volunteers are going into the homes of others, how will you ensure their personal safety?

These are just some of the issues that healthy and safety awareness training helps businesses recognise and manage, others might include the way boxes are stacked, fire safety, safety lifting, electrical safety, stress, first aid, slips, trips and falls.

So our message: please don’t be down on health & safety.  Book yourself onto a good basic awareness course, like McCrudden Training’s Health & Safety through Risk Assessment training running in East Sussex and embrace it as a way of promoting wellness and security within your organisation or sole trader work.

McCrudden Training is an independent training, coaching & consultancy company based in Eastbourne, East Sussex.  We can meet all the training needs an organisation may have including health and safety delivered by our healthy and safety specialist trainers.